Risk Management Training programs

The focus of Paresco’ s training programs is to create a risk competency and culture in your business through practical application, risk tools and risk management techniques. We combine human factors, behavioural safety and risk management in our training.

Risk management is the foundation of all good management and comprises three core processes:

  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis and
  • Risk mitigation

The application of these processes can only be effective if the people who apply them are skilled and trained to do so.

Paresco’ s approach recognises that different skills and knowledge is required at different job levels.

At senior level we need strategic risk management focus, at middle management level we need a good understanding of risk management techniques to analyse risk, and at a workforce level we need the practical application of the right tools to identify and report risks.

With this understanding Paresco has adopted the 4-layer approach to Risk Management organised into 3 levels of work which are:

  • Executive/Senior Management
  • Middle/Supervisory management; and
  • Workforce
  • Our methodology and training programs are aimed to assist organisations to build a proactive risk awareness and management culture.

    Risk Management Professional Services

    Risk Management is a strategic, organisation-wide process of assessing, analysing and responding to the collective risks that impact an organisation’s ability to achieve its mandate.

    Organisations able to successfully navigate their risk environments can build and manage a sustainable enterprise through the adoption of Risk Management strategies.

    We assist our customers in the analysis of risk from an integrated perspective.

    Our proven process is practical, quantitative and qualitative, and designed to ensure that your Risk Management strategies reach their full potential. To achieve this, it is critical to identify, prioritise and quantify the organisation’s key risks and link them to Strategic, Operational, Reporting and Compliance metrics. Risk response solutions can then be developed and implemented within an efficient risk governance framework.

    We provide professional services in the following areas:

    • Baseline Risk Assessments
    • A baseline risk assessment is a requirement for multiple compliance systems across industries. With a Paresco risk assessment, you can meet compliance obligations and gain an understanding of your exposure to threats and vulnerabilities, through risk identification and risk.

    • Issue based Risk assessments
    • Issue based Risk Assessments are, as their name implies, based upon a specific issue. They could, for example, be instituted in response to the high priority risks identified in the Baseline Risk Assessment or even after a near miss or actual loss event. They are narrowly focused, being ‘issue-based but go into detail in re-evaluating the risk in more depth, and in then designing suitable treatment or control strategies.

    • Job/Task Risk Assessments
    • Paresco undertakes job or task risk assessments by involving your team, to do this we make observations, carry out interviews, take images and review existing documentation. We develop your risk assessment using the information gathered and deliver them to your team. This can be recorded for evidence of communication and internal training.

    Paresco CDP platform

    Whether you’re new to e-learning or have an established training competency that you’re looking to enhance, we’re the easiest path to transforming your business.
    Our Online Content Delivery Platform, the Paresco CDP, is delivered on “software as a service” (SaaS) basis. This means that our solution is a hosted system (we take care of the infrastructure, administration and management of the system) built specifically for organisations that don’t want to focus on the delivery system, but rather focus on their organisations Risk Management learning objectives.
    The following is central to our CDP offering:

    • Development of online content to get most of the tracking and reporting capability offered by the Paresco CDP platform
    • Manage all your candidates effortlessly through a single online interface
    • Reducing the cost of delivering content to your workforce
    • Decrease productivity lost time incurred by class room or facilitated training
    • Accelerated roll-out of content to any number of users, from 1 to thousands, within minutes
    • 24/7, 365 days availability of content from any internet-connected computer or mobile device. This allows your workforce to train when and where and as many times as they want
    • The Paresco CDP will allow you to track the effectiveness of your training programs. You can now determine your workforce’s knowledge gains through statistical data
    • Through the Paresco CDP, you will be able to easily manage customisation of courseware. This customisation will provide you with the opportunity to develop unique training programs based on job, machine, or location
    • Our LFI-Net offering focuses to effectively deliver critical Risk Management information like Learnings from Incidents and Change management of key concepts or processes to your organisation.

    Paresco mobile application

    We live in a mobile-first world, and Operational Risk management enablement need mobile data collection software that is effective, innovative and easy to use. Paresco clients want to use tablets and mobile phones to get risk management done.

    The Paresco Application adopts the 4-Layer methodology in its productivity workflows to assist organisations to build a proactive risk awareness and management culture.

    Enable your risk management processes with a data-driven application. Safety inspections, checklist, and Incident investigations are now underpinned with an integrated workflow system to ensure you have real-time action on risk insight you derive from the workforce.